What’s a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model that fosters a direct connection between farmers and customers. By purchasing a CSA share early in the year, community members commit to a season of farm goods. Farmers can plan accordingly and have access to funds to pay for labour,seeds, soil amendments, tools, and supplies needed to get growing! CSA members receive the bounty of the season as it comes!

In our case, CSA members receive one bouquet of fresh, local, sustainably-grown specialty cut-flowers weekly or bi-weekly. We receive the trust of our community, the ability to plan and the ability to invest what we need to grow beautiful flowers!

CSA Policy

Your Commitment

By purchasing a CSA share, you agree to pick up your share at the pre-determined time and place, or notifying us if someone will be picking it up on your behalf.

As a CSA member, you are sharing in the risks inherent in farming. As farmers, we are at the mercy of pests, disease, unforeseeable weather events, and more! We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

You understand that we may be unable to accommodate cancellations or provide refunds, due to the nature of the CSA model.

Our Commitment

We commit to sharing the rewards of farming with you, and will strive to deliver a variety of beautiful, quality blooms. We are committed to fostering a warm relationship via communication and mutual respect—we want to hear about what works for you and what doesn’t work.

We commit to sharing stories and insight into our growing and harvest process, as a means to connect you with the farm.

We commit to doing our utmost in managing pests, disease, and unforeseeable weather events by utilizing our years of experience, available resources and the collective wisdom of our farmer network.

Quick FAQ

What happens if I can’t make it on a specific week?
Let us know as soon as possible! We do our best to accommodate your availability so that you get the most of your CSA share.

Can someone else pick up on my behalf?
Yes! Send us a message prior to your pick up date, and we’ll warmly say hello to your friend, family member or neighbour!

I want flowers, but I don’t want a commitment. Are there other ways to purchase flowers? 
Of course! Contact us to discuss special orders. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on IG @SueloFaa to find out about pop-ups! You can also email us at suelofaa@gmail.com.