Teresa (L) and Chantelle (R) are the team that make up Suelo & Faa.

We dreamed up our mini urban flower farm, Suelo & Faa, in the winter of 2020. Suelo is Spanish for soil, and faa is Cantonese for flower—our way of recognizing our backgrounds and our family roots in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood.

We bring complementary skill sets to the table and neither of us would have dared start the farm without the other! Teresa recently completed a Master’s in Soil Science, and has a wealth of experience working on small-scale organic farms. Chantelle brings a mixed background of a B.Sc. in resource conservation, education, and communications experience.

Growing flowers through 2020 was a real contributor to our mental and physical health, and enabled us to spread joy by sharing flowers. We are excited to continue this on a larger scale!

We will be selling flower bouquets via a CSA model for Summer 2023.
For special inquiries, please contact us. Our e-mail is suelofaa@gmail.com.
Follow along on our journey of farm laughs and flowers on instagram @suelofaa .

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